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Camera Collection

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

365 Project - Days 44, 45, 46, & 47

March 16th, Day 44:
I love taking time to relax and rest. I used a bath bomb that my friend, Porsche, gave me for my birthday. It was lovely just sitting in the tub. I rarely take the time to just sit and do nothing. I am always thinking about what else needs to be completed. Sometimes we need to stop and live in the now.
This photo was taken with my iPhone.
March 17th, Day 45:

Happy St. Patrick's day! This is the first time I have ever gone out to do something for the day. This year I went to dinner with my friend, Jessica. Neither of us have ever had green beer before. I know that it is just beer with green food coloring but I really wanted to have one! Jessica and I had given up hope that we would be able to find a place that was not too crowded but also had these festive drinks. We were surprised to find the drinks we ordered to be green! I had an amazing time with Jessica and I am so thankful to have her in my life. She has been a strong support system for me and I am going to miss seeing her everyday. 
This was taken with my iPhone by our lovely waitress.

March 18th, Day 46:
I told you I would take lots of flower photos!
 I took this photo while on a walk with Lily. I just love the trees in bloom. The neighborhood is looking beautiful and I cannot wait for summer! I am glad that I am able to walk and enjoy nature. At times I feel that taking Lily out for walks is a nuisance. It takes time away from all of my other activities. The thing is that as soon as I am out, I immediately feel better. I know that it is worthy of my time. Not only does it help my sweet little puppy stay fit but it also forces me to simply enjoy my surroundings.
I took this photo with my iPhone, of course.

March 19th, Day 47:
Tonight I am forcing myself to sit and read. I don't read as much as I want to and I would like to get better about starting a book and finishing it in a timely manner. This is my latest. I think that Mindy is very funny and I am excited to read more about her. I will let you know how it reads.
To keep with the trend of the other photos in this post I took this with my iPhone.

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