Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Monday, May 27, 2013

365 Project - Days 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, & 116

May 22nd, Day 111:
I have been cleaning out my stuff and decided to get rid of my Nerf guns. It was difficult letting go. Fletch and I decided to have one more go. 
We took the guns out to the park and had a Nerf fight.
It was wonderful running around shooting at each other and we probably looked like idiots.
I don't care.
It is nice to let go and just enjoy yourself.
I'm glad Fletch and I can do that together.
This was taken with my Nikon P310.

May 23rd, Day 112:
It has been raining quite a bit.
I enjoy the rain.
Well, as long as I am dressed appropriately then I love the rain. The world looks revitalized. It is a place where you can walk and smell the flowers.
I enjoy the rain.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 24th, Day 113:
As previously stated, I like the rain. Only problem is I don't currently have the proper footwear so walking around too much is out of the question.
Lily has been confined to walking the front sidewalk back and forth until it clears up a bit.
On my street we have these light poles.
Normally I don't pay attention to street lighting but in my neighborhood I am always looking up at them.
I love the vintage feel to them. They make you feel safe and welcome.
I took this my iPhone.

May 25th, Day 114:
This is not the best photo of me.. I know. I wanted to show off my snazzy hair! I wanted to do a cute up-do since it has been raining and I would call this success. I ran errands and hung out with Lily but at least I was rocking a fun hair style. This was a good Saturday.
I took this photo with my iPhone.

May 26th, Day 115:
What a lovely Sunday morning. Fletch usually works when I am off. Today wasn't any different. 
On the plus side, we were able to get breakfast together. I LOVE going to Shakabrah.
It is delicious, the service is great, and I just LOVE IT! 
I didn't have a very eventful Sunday but being able to enjoy the morning with my dear Fletch made it amazing.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 27th, Day 116:
I enjoy any time that I can spend with friends. Today I ventured around town with Justin.
We enjoyed coffee, went thrifting, and ate breadsticks!
It was a wonderful time and I am thankful to have such an amazing friend.
I took this with my iPhone.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

365 Project - Days 108, 109, & 110

May 19th, Day 108:
Jessica. What is there to say about my dear friend Jessica?
I don't think I could ever explain how much I appreciate her. She is a wonderful person and a great friend.
Jessica and I love great deals. That is just one of the many things that bond us together.
We went to the new Goodwill Outlet and I was excited to experience it with Fletch and Jessica.
It wasn't an extremely rewarding trip find-wise but any time spent with Fletch and Jessica is worth while.
I found a lens, a Canon camera bag, and a few bits of baby clothes for my sister's baby.
It was a lovely time and I am very glad we went.

May 20th, Day 109:
It was a lovely day around my neighborhood and I was very happy to be out with Lily. I was walking back to our home when I noticed this cute fence with these pretty flowers.
This project has been a huge assistance when it comes to finding positivity everyday. I look around and I see the beauty in the world around me.
I hope that my stories help you find the beauty around you. Or if you just happen to like the photos, I would also like that.

May 21st, Day 110:
 New job means new co-workers. I can honestly say that I really enjoy the people I work with. They enjoy my quirky sense of humor and they love food just as much as I do. What else can you ask for?
Well, on top of all that they are sweet, generous, and very talented!
This is a very fancy Persian cat that my wonderful co-worker, Sara, drew for me. I came back from break and there he was waiting for me.
It is only Tuesday and I am having a spectacular week.
Thanks you two!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

365 Project - Days 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, & 107

May 13th, Day 102:
The weather lately has been all over the place! The weather in Washington has taught me to not only appreciate all of the sunny days but to also see the beauty in the many rainy days. I love the neighborhood after a nice rainstorm. I enjoy walking in the rain, as long as I have a coat. 
I am so happy to be where I am.

May 14th, Day 103:
I am loving my new position and my co-workers love food just as much as I do! We had a dip potluck and it was amazing!! I ate way too much and enjoyed every bite of it! I really appreciate how wonderful and welcoming everyone in my department has been.

May 15th, Day 104:
I love spending time with good people. You may think, I sure hope so Hilary. Why would you want to hang out with bad people? 
Well, I thought I would just state the obvious. I love my friends because I know that they are all wonderful, amazing, beautiful, smart, people. I am thankful to have so many kind people in my life. 
For this photo I took a picture of the mojitos that my dear friend, Cate, made. Cate and her boyfriend, Luke, invited us over. It was a lovely time filled with conversation and yummy food! 
Again, I am thankful for all of the people in my life.

May 16th, Day 105:
As you may know, I started a new job! We are planning a party and these are a few of the items for it! This is my first big project and it is very exciting--as you can see from all of the exclamation marks! Anyway, it has been a great time and I look forward to continuing to gain more responsibility and learning more about my wonderful co-workers.

May 17th, Day 106:
On Friday, I had the great joy of spending time with Meagan. She recently moved to Kirkland and it has been more difficult to get together. The time we do spend together is amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to hang out with her. We were on our way to get a drink at the Rock and noticed this beautiful rainbow! What a wonderful way to start a fun evening with a fabulous person!

May 18th, Day 107:
Today, Justin and I went to my favorite antique store. I found these two adorable items! I absolutely love the glass and it was only $2.50! The little blue bowl was also only $2.50. It was a lovely time and a good way to spend my day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

365 Project - Days 99, 100, & 101

May 10th, Day 99:
This is Fletch. He is my friend and my partner. 
Fletch and I enjoy going for walks together whenever we can. 
I am incredibly thankful for having him in my life.
I took this with my Holga BC.

May 11th, Day 100:
I love adventuring out to test my lomography cameras. This weekend I went to Federal Way with my friend, Justin. I haven't spent much time there but I really enjoyed seeing the area. We walked on a path, for a very short bit because I was melting from the heat, and we checked out a few thrift stores.
It was wonderful and I am thankful to have a friend that enjoys spending time in this manner.
It was a lovely day and I got to spend the night with my wonderful partner, Fletch. 
I had the best weekend.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 12th, Day 101:
You may see a common theme in my photos. That being either flowers or buildings. I know it is a little strange but that is what I enjoy. 
I saw this cute little building when walking to Shake, Shake, Shake. Fletch and I thought that the neon sign was interesting.
It does not fit with the rest of the building. 
That is what happens with old things.
We add to it or alter it to meet our own end.
It is still a beautiful building but I would have liked to see it when it was first made.
How lovely it would have been.
I took this with my Holga BC.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

365 Project - Days 95, 96, 97, & 98

May 6th, Day 95:
On the 6th, Fletch and I went and saw the band Cloud Cult.
They were AMAZING. The entire band excretes passion when they play.
While performing they have a painter creating a piece on stage. It captures your attention and forces you to stay focused on the concert.
If you ever a chance to see them, do it. You will not regret the twenty bucks.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 7th, Day 96:
I love watching the sun slowly disappear as the night creeps in.
In those moments, the moments I stare at the sky, I feel at one with the world.
It is calming to know that I am experiencing something that others also experience. People like me are stopping to look and say, "wow."
That is pretty incredible, don't you think?
I took this with my iPhone.

May 8th, Day 97:
Tacoma is a beautiful place.
This house had an overgrown yard filled with weeds. If you compare it to the lawn next door, well then it is a mess.
I think it is sweet.
Maybe the owner is too busy to do yard work because she/he is out working at the Humane Society or maybe feeding the homeless.
Maybe they are finding the cure for Cancer!
Who knows.
I like seeing yards like this because I know that if I were responsible for it, my yard would look the same way.
I can't blame anyone for leaving their yard in shambles while they are out eating frozen yogurt and dancing about the streets listening to Wham!
Can you?
(Not sure if that is what they were doing but isn't that a fun idea?)
I took this with my Holga BC.

May 9th, Day 98:
This beautiful home is now a business office. I love walking around it and imagining what it looks like inside. Does the bathroom have a gorgeous claw foot bath tub? Maybe a stand alone shower?
Who knows.
What I do know is that the yard is an amazing space. There is a large metal fencing closing off the space from intruders. A pool sits on the side of the house while an old BLAH sits in the backyard. I wish I could hear the stories from this house. The families that occupied it and the children that grew up here.
My neighborhood holds so many stories.
I hope to learn more about them some day.
This photo was taken with my iPhone.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

365 Project - Days 91, 92, 93, & 94

May 2nd, Day 91:

I am very fortunate to call my former co-worker a friend. Jessica and I may have different views on some things but when it comes down to the important values, we are the same. We are two people who care for those around us and try to make the world a better place with small acts of kindness. 
Jessica was there during difficult times to cheer me up with a hug or a cup of coffee. She has cared for me and continues to be a kind and considerate friend. I am very thankful to have her in my life.
On Thursday, the 2nd, we made time to do dinner with each other. I use the term, "made," because with our busy schedules, that is what it is. We make it a point to see each other often because we enjoy it, of course, and because, in a way, we need it. For me, at least, I have become accustomed to sharing everything with Jessica. When I don't tell her something, I feel like there is a small part of me missing. 
I feel this way about several people but I think the relationship that Jessica and I have developed is very special. 
I was very happy to share with her my first week at my new job and to hear about her work and family.
I love this time we spend together and, again, I am very thankful to have her.
Thank you, Jessica, for being so wonderful!

May 3rd, Day 92:
 My new desk at work! I am excited to make my desk my own. I have added photos and placed different trinkets around my space. I received a promotion at my job. I am the new Marketing Coordinator! I look forward to receiving more responsibility and really getting into my role.
Things are going well and I couldn't be more excited. I had a rough patch for a moment and everything has worked out. I am thankful for all of my friends and family for supporting me and helping me get here.
Thank you.

May 4th, Day 93:
Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. We spent the morning celebrating by standing in line for Atomic Comics in Tacoma. It was a wonderful morning.
I appreciate our common interests and the joy we both get from reading comics.
It was a good day.

May 5th, Day 94:
 This weekend was beautiful! The sun was shining and everyone in the neighborhood was out.
I love days like these!
Lily and I can take walks together while also meeting others in the neighborhood. It was a lovely time and I look forward to more beautiful days to come.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

365 Project - Day 90

May 1st, Day 90:

This week has been a beautiful one! I am glad that I get to enjoy it after work with frequent walks around the neighborhood. Today, Fletch and I took Lily for a walk. She hasn't been feeling well the last few days and I was happy to have her feeling well enough for a walk. Fletch and I worked out a great routine. 
We go for walks, Fletch holds onto Lily while I take photos around the neighborhood. As you may realize, I love testing out my cameras and I love my neighborhood. It works out well. 
I am very fortunate to have such a lovely family.
I took this with my iPhone.