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Camera Collection

Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Project - Days 33, 34, & 35

March 5th, Day 33:
I love seeing the flowers begin to bloom. It reminds me of the natural beauty in the world.
I took Lily out for a walk and noticed that several trees on my block were sprouting flowers. I wanted to capture the beginning of a new season with this photo.
Get ready because I know that many of my photos to come will be of gardens around my block.
This was taken with my iPhone.

March 6th, Day 34:
On the 6th one of my dear friends got some bad news. I just hate seeing people upset. I want to help them and take away the pain. While she was in the restroom cleaning up I happened to swallow my cough drop.
I was very excited about my cough drop and to swallow it was a disappointment. I became very mad that I wasted a perfectly good cough drop.
When my friend returned I told her that if she thought she had it bad then she hadn't heard about my unfortunate event. I said, "I swallowed a perfectly good cough drop!"
She laughed and gave me a hug.
Swallowing the cough drop was not a big deal but the absurdity of it made her feel better and cheer up. Helping her feel better was the highlight of my day. Other great events occurred during the day that made me very happy but being able to assist a friend in need is always my favorite thing to do.
I took this photo with my iPhone.

March 7th, Day 35:
This is my favorite pair of earrings. I purchased them at a cute little shop in Olympia when Fletch and I had a day away together. They remind me of our time alone exploring.
It surprises me that I place such a high value on material items. It isn't the item itself but the people and memories I associate with it. I feel that if I were to lose the item I would lose the memory of that special moment.
How intriguing.
These sweet little earrings brighten my day because I think of my wonderful friend and partner, Fletch.
This was taken with my iPhone.

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