Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Friday, March 1, 2013

365 Project - Days 28 & 29

February 28th, Day 28:
This is a photo of some delicious crepes that I made. To be honest, I don't cook a lot. Fletch does most of the cooking for dinner and I do breakfast.  Tonight I thought it would be fun to make crepes. They turned out yummy and made my heart very happy. On top of that, I made extras so we have them for this weekend!
This photo was taken with my iPhone.

March 1st, Day 29:
Tonight I took a risk and painted my Holga. I love the chevron pattern and the light green color. I know that I could always improve but I think for my first try this is an admirable attempt. I am so extremely excited to take my new Holga out for a day on the town. She will be the envy of all lomographers.
I loved completing this project.
This was taken with a Canon Rebel T4i.

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