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Camera Collection

Monday, May 27, 2013

365 Project - Days 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, & 116

May 22nd, Day 111:
I have been cleaning out my stuff and decided to get rid of my Nerf guns. It was difficult letting go. Fletch and I decided to have one more go. 
We took the guns out to the park and had a Nerf fight.
It was wonderful running around shooting at each other and we probably looked like idiots.
I don't care.
It is nice to let go and just enjoy yourself.
I'm glad Fletch and I can do that together.
This was taken with my Nikon P310.

May 23rd, Day 112:
It has been raining quite a bit.
I enjoy the rain.
Well, as long as I am dressed appropriately then I love the rain. The world looks revitalized. It is a place where you can walk and smell the flowers.
I enjoy the rain.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 24th, Day 113:
As previously stated, I like the rain. Only problem is I don't currently have the proper footwear so walking around too much is out of the question.
Lily has been confined to walking the front sidewalk back and forth until it clears up a bit.
On my street we have these light poles.
Normally I don't pay attention to street lighting but in my neighborhood I am always looking up at them.
I love the vintage feel to them. They make you feel safe and welcome.
I took this my iPhone.

May 25th, Day 114:
This is not the best photo of me.. I know. I wanted to show off my snazzy hair! I wanted to do a cute up-do since it has been raining and I would call this success. I ran errands and hung out with Lily but at least I was rocking a fun hair style. This was a good Saturday.
I took this photo with my iPhone.

May 26th, Day 115:
What a lovely Sunday morning. Fletch usually works when I am off. Today wasn't any different. 
On the plus side, we were able to get breakfast together. I LOVE going to Shakabrah.
It is delicious, the service is great, and I just LOVE IT! 
I didn't have a very eventful Sunday but being able to enjoy the morning with my dear Fletch made it amazing.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 27th, Day 116:
I enjoy any time that I can spend with friends. Today I ventured around town with Justin.
We enjoyed coffee, went thrifting, and ate breadsticks!
It was a wonderful time and I am thankful to have such an amazing friend.
I took this with my iPhone.

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