Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Sunday, May 12, 2013

365 Project - Days 99, 100, & 101

May 10th, Day 99:
This is Fletch. He is my friend and my partner. 
Fletch and I enjoy going for walks together whenever we can. 
I am incredibly thankful for having him in my life.
I took this with my Holga BC.

May 11th, Day 100:
I love adventuring out to test my lomography cameras. This weekend I went to Federal Way with my friend, Justin. I haven't spent much time there but I really enjoyed seeing the area. We walked on a path, for a very short bit because I was melting from the heat, and we checked out a few thrift stores.
It was wonderful and I am thankful to have a friend that enjoys spending time in this manner.
It was a lovely day and I got to spend the night with my wonderful partner, Fletch. 
I had the best weekend.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 12th, Day 101:
You may see a common theme in my photos. That being either flowers or buildings. I know it is a little strange but that is what I enjoy. 
I saw this cute little building when walking to Shake, Shake, Shake. Fletch and I thought that the neon sign was interesting.
It does not fit with the rest of the building. 
That is what happens with old things.
We add to it or alter it to meet our own end.
It is still a beautiful building but I would have liked to see it when it was first made.
How lovely it would have been.
I took this with my Holga BC.

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