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Camera Collection

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

365 Project - Days 95, 96, 97, & 98

May 6th, Day 95:
On the 6th, Fletch and I went and saw the band Cloud Cult.
They were AMAZING. The entire band excretes passion when they play.
While performing they have a painter creating a piece on stage. It captures your attention and forces you to stay focused on the concert.
If you ever a chance to see them, do it. You will not regret the twenty bucks.
I took this with my iPhone.

May 7th, Day 96:
I love watching the sun slowly disappear as the night creeps in.
In those moments, the moments I stare at the sky, I feel at one with the world.
It is calming to know that I am experiencing something that others also experience. People like me are stopping to look and say, "wow."
That is pretty incredible, don't you think?
I took this with my iPhone.

May 8th, Day 97:
Tacoma is a beautiful place.
This house had an overgrown yard filled with weeds. If you compare it to the lawn next door, well then it is a mess.
I think it is sweet.
Maybe the owner is too busy to do yard work because she/he is out working at the Humane Society or maybe feeding the homeless.
Maybe they are finding the cure for Cancer!
Who knows.
I like seeing yards like this because I know that if I were responsible for it, my yard would look the same way.
I can't blame anyone for leaving their yard in shambles while they are out eating frozen yogurt and dancing about the streets listening to Wham!
Can you?
(Not sure if that is what they were doing but isn't that a fun idea?)
I took this with my Holga BC.

May 9th, Day 98:
This beautiful home is now a business office. I love walking around it and imagining what it looks like inside. Does the bathroom have a gorgeous claw foot bath tub? Maybe a stand alone shower?
Who knows.
What I do know is that the yard is an amazing space. There is a large metal fencing closing off the space from intruders. A pool sits on the side of the house while an old BLAH sits in the backyard. I wish I could hear the stories from this house. The families that occupied it and the children that grew up here.
My neighborhood holds so many stories.
I hope to learn more about them some day.
This photo was taken with my iPhone.

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