Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

365 Project - Day 26

February 26th, Day 26:

For the 26th I am posting these two photos. The first I took right after I used a gift certificate to get my eyebrows tinted. Fletch was so sweet and got me a gift certificate to a salon so I could treat myself. When I told my mother she was concerned that I dyed them some crazy color. I sent her the photo with my green eyebrows to show off my new look. She laughed for almost five minutes straight. That is why I am sharing this second photo. Though it is not very flattering, it does remind me of my mother's laugh. Sometimes we find joy in small interactions with those we love. On this day it was talking with my mother and hearing her beautiful laugh for so long. 
These were taken with my iPhone.

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