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Camera Collection

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

365 Project- Day 5

February 5th, Day 5:

This is a picture of my spare tire. The night of the fourth I ran over a nail which punctured my tire. I was not having a very good day and this was just the cherry on top of it.  Fletch was very sweet and attempted to change the tire for me. He was outside for about 45 minutes attempting to take the lug nuts off with a tool that was too large. I went out to see if there was anything I could assist with. I was only out there for about five minutes before a stranger approached us offering help. A simple act of kindness. 
Fletch and the stranger changed the tire and were done within ten minutes. 
This morning Fletch and I woke up early to get the tire repaired. As we drove into Titus, fear of the cost overwhelmed me. Any extra expense is difficult these days. They took my car in and had it ready to go in about an hour. The worker told me that they do the repairs for free and to have a great day.
A simple act of kindness.
They could charge people for this service. I am sure it happens enough that they would make money off of it. Instead they chose to help out their community. They understand that car problems can cause stress.
This simple photo of my spare tire reminds me of the generosity of others and the kindness of strangers.
This photo was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P310.

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