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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

365 Project - Day 12

February 12th, Day 12:

To be honest, today was difficult. We all have those days. Days where nothing seems to go right. Days when you just can't seem to cheer up. That was me today. I won't go into the details why but, it wasn't nice. Then I remembered I had bought these cute little cupcakes for Fletch and I. While it didn't completely brighten my day it did make me feel a little better. I enjoyed the first few bites with Fletch while on his lunch break then finished it back at home. It is now my bed time and I still feel down but I go to bed with the peace of mind knowing that my entire day was not a complete bust. It is the small moments that make life worth while. I am so thankful to have Fletch. He always knows how to make me smile.

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