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Friday, April 26, 2013

365 Project - Days 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, & 83

April 19th, Day 78:
I decided to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and it was a wise choice on my part. These were delicious! It was my first time making muffins and I was really pleased with the results. When I decided to make muffins I thought it would be a quick and easy task. Boy was I wrong.
The major inconvenience was that I only had one pan. I realized after I made the batter that I needed at least one more pan if I wanted to be done before ten. After the first batch I went out and bought one more pan to finish up the muffins.
Overall it was a great way to spend my Friday night and I really enjoyed sharing these scrumptious treats with friends and co-workers! 

April 20th, Day 79:
I haven't been back to PLU in a very long while.
I can't believe that it has been almost two years since I graduated from that very expensive, yet rewarding, school.
I ventured back to the Parkland area to meet two dear friends, Justin and Helene, for dinner. It was a lovely time filled with good conversation and yummy food.
I find myself busy during the week getting errands and chores done. It is nice to take time to enjoy the company of friends every once in a while.

April 21st, Day 80:
I love milkshakes. That is a known fact.
During one of Fletch's breaks we went to Red Robin and were served by one of our favorite servers. It was very busy and while service was still good, it wasn't it's usual greatness. To make up for it our server brought us a milkshake to share.
This simple act not only made my night but also made me feel like a valued customer.

April 22nd, Day 81:
As you may remember, I love taking Lily for walks around the neighborhood. Tucked away on a side street we found this. A stunning mural.
It amazes me that there is so much beauty in my backyard.
What a wonderful thing.

April 23rd, Day 82:
My favorite house in my neighborhood. This house is gorgeous. The color, the style, everything. When I walk past this house I instantly feel joy. The only addition I would make is a cherry blossom tree in front. That would be beautiful!
I think it is important to appreciate the things around us. If we learn to find the beauty in everyday then we are able to find happiness in our lives. 

April 24th, Day 83:
This week my friend, Porsche, visited from Texas. We had a lovely time touring around Tacoma. We found this awesome new dig, Shake Shake Shake. It had a wonderful, retro feel. The food was delicious too! I would definitely recommend this place if you need quick munchies.

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