Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365 Project - Days 71, 72, 73, & 74:

April 12th, Day 71:

This is a photo from a long drive that Fletch and I took. I will first tell you that Fletch is a wonderful person that, so long as he is available, will do anything or go anywhere with me. At the last minute we decided to take a drive to visit a friend in need. We left immediately after work and we didn't get home until 8pm. Fletch's flexibility amazes me. If something comes up that needs to get done, he does it. He doesn't complain or whine. He smiles the whole way through and kisses me on the cheek as I drive us to our destination. I am thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life.
I took this with my iPhone.

April 13th, Day 72:

Just another photo from my neighborhood. Every time I go for a walk I notice something new. I notice another reason to be happy and to appreciate my neighborhood. Today, it was this little bird house. It reminded me of the bird house my family had in Alaska. My parents loved working in the yard. They were constantly adding new features and decorations. It brought both my mother and my father great joy. I remember my mother trying to get me to work with her in the garden. At that age I didn't like dirt so it wasn't an option. The only yard work I enjoyed was raking the leaves. I LOVED to rake leaves. I would put them all in a giant pile then jump in. When I was in that large pile with the leaves all around me I was at one with the world. It was nice to be brought back to that moment.
I took this with my iPhone.

April 14th, Day 73:

My little sweetie. Lily cuddled with me most of the day. I had some chores to get done and she sat patiently beside me, waiting for me to finish.  We watched one of my favorite shows on TV while I wore a moisturizing mask to relax. 
Lily just seems to get me. She loves me unconditionally, as long as I feed her on schedule and take her out to potty. She keeps me company when Fletch works late and she walks with me when I feel out of shape. I love my little puppy dog.
This was taken with my iPhone.

April 15th, Day 74:

One of my co-workers brought these flowers up to the front desk and it completely brightens up the space. It can get pretty quiet up there but having these flowers to stare at is a big help. These flowers, combined with the sunny weather, make me want to go for a nice long walk. Many co-workers commented on how beautiful the flowers were and that makes me very happy.
I took this with my iPhone.

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