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Monday, April 8, 2013

365 Project- Days 64, 65, 66, & 67

April 5th, Day 64:

I love that I am able to visit Fletch during his breaks at work. True, I would rather have him work the same schedule as me but hey, you can't get everything you want from life. If that is my biggest problem then I have a pretty good life. You may be asking, "Hilary, what does that have to do with this delicious photo of a milkshake?" Great question. On the 5th I visited Fletch for his dinner break and decided to treat myself to a scrumptious milkshake. Yes, it is as yummy as it looks. It was a great way to spend my evening: seeing my man and enjoying a cookie magic milkshake from Red Robin. If you haven't tried it then you are missing out and you haven't fully lived.

April 6th, Day 65:

First off, I love my friend Meagan. She is a wonderful, loving, caring, and considerate individual. I am thankful to have her in my life.
I think it is important to recognize the people in our lives and their importance. I have the most amazing friends. They support me through all of my endeavors and they even read my blog. Thanks everyone. This photo features a magnificent pretzel that I enjoyed while spending quality time with Meagan. What is the significance of this pretzel? Well, Meagan and I live a bit of a distance away from each other. Living more than 20 minutes apart makes for an easy excuse to not see each other. This isn't the case for Meagan and I. We make it a point to meet halfway, taking turns traveling to each other's homes. We value our friendship and each other, so we make it work. 
Thank you to Meagan, and all of my friends, for continuously loving me for who I am.
I love you all.

Pretty deep for a pretzel, right?

April 7th, Day 66:
Fletch and I are big movie lovers. It is one of our many shared interests. I love sitting down and enjoying a good movie with Fletch. It makes the experience even more special.
This weekend we went and saw Jurassic Park in the theater. Fletch is a little older than me and had the opportunity to see the movie when it first came out in theaters. I, on the other hand, was too young. I am very happy that we had the opportunity to share this experience together. Fletch loved this movie when he was little and now we have a shared moment of us enjoying it together.

April 8th, Day 67:
My new work gets very excited about March Madness. This is usually something I wouldn't pay much attention to but I was excited to join in the spirit of things. In honor of March Madness we had casual days and today we had a potluck! It was all very delicious and wonderful. The photo above features some of the yummy food that I enjoyed. I am thankful to have a job that I enjoy at a company that appreciates me with co-workers that are cheerful and friendly. It brings me great joy to go in to work day to day, even if it is difficult to wake up before 7am.

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