Camera Collection

Camera Collection

Friday, January 18, 2013

Want the film look without the work?

First off, I now have an iPhone which means I can now try out all of those fun camera apps. Here I am going to discuss the apps that I have tried.

Hipstamatic is an app that features different types of cameras. You can purchase different packages to add cameras and films to your app. The initial app came with the classic black camera. The application offers personalization through different lenses, flashes, and films. The lenses include Buckhorst H1 Lens, John S. Lens, Jane Lens, Jimmy Lens, Laimal Mark II Lens. The flash options include the Standard Flash, Dreampop Flash, and Cherry Shine Flash. Finally, your film options include Blanko Film, Ina's 1969 Film., Ina's 1982 Film, and Kodot XGrizzled Film. Each item includes a description and samples of what the photos look like using each product.

I enjoy this product because it offers personalization with the different settings and features. It also allows for sharing on social networking sites which makes it easy to upload on your smart phone. Lastly, you can also order your photos right from the app! You can get the prints sent straight to your door without the worry of pixelation that you get with uploading to a site and ordering prints.

With this app you can edit your photos easily. You simply select the photo from your camera roll, crop it, then have fun using the different filters, borders, and additional edits to create a unique photo.  My favorite feature on this app is that it allows you to write text on your photos. Below is an example of a photo I edited and added text to in Vintique.

Pocketbooth is my favorite app so far. This was an app that was featured as a freebie at Starbucks. With this app you can take photobooth type pictures with friends! You can choose the photo type, the paper type, how many photos it takes, and the time between each take. Once your photo is finished you can save it on your phone, email it to a friend, upload it to a social networking site, or order it online! This app is great for taking fun photos.

IncrediBooth is very similar to Pocketbooth. It is a fun app and offers four different lenses for your booth. This app is all about getting you to buy additions. You can buy different booths, different lenses, and even a film development lab. It is created by the same people that made Hipstamatic. They create a lot of ways to personalize your booth but all involve paying more money. Overall I think it is a fun app but be ready to pay more than the initial $1.99. 

Instagram is an app that is widely used and popular. You can use this app to edit photos then post them to your stream. It pretty much took the profile photo feature of Facebook and made it even more obnoxious by encouraging people to post more and more photos of themselves and inanimate objects. Don't get me wrong, I have an Instagram account but don't really use it. I load photos on it so I can then use a different app to purchase the square photos later. I am finding better ways to get my edited phone photos everyday and will probably stop using Instagram any day now. 

Pic Stitch:
Pic Stitch is an app that allows you to edit your photos then arrange them in a collage format. As you can see from the examples below you have many different layouts to choose from. The all black and white collage was made out of photo booth photos that I took with another app. I cropped each photo from the strip and placed it. A fun feature of this app is that you can upload the photos directly to Walgreens to have them printed! Talk about a great way to save your memories!

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